Buying or selling a property can be a challenging and stressful experience. You can be a ‘Smart Home Buyer’ by surrounding yourself with the right team of professionals. We have set up this website to make it easy for you to find: Building Inspectors and Property Valuers, two important resources that will support you to be successful with your next purchase or sale.

Having recently been through the journey that is buying a house in Auckland, we were constantly trying to work out what houses to go for, and how much to pay. We were happy to pay for these services as it helped us to stay away from the houses with problems, and it gave us confidence on how much a house was worth. However, with auctions and the quick turn around of houses, it was very difficult to find Building Inspectors and Property Valuers who we could trust, and who would be available when we need them, and at the right price. This challenge encouraged us to start Smart Home Buyers.

We have created a database of professionals for each area – this will save you from hunting around the hundreds of websites.

Having had lots of positive feedback for Building Inspections, we have now followed our users suggestions and expanded to Heat Pumps. The principle is the same – it can be time consuming to find the right Heat Pump company to meet your needs. We do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you – complete one form and we share this with our database of Heat Pump Companies.

To get started, click here:

Heat Pumps

Building Inspectors

The service is free for you and we charge the professionals a small fee for each job they get.

We are just getting started and would love to hear from you. Send any feedback to info@smarthomebuyers.co.nz.


Happy and successful home buying.
The team at Smart Home Buyer