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About Building Inspections

A Building Inspection is a professional review of a property and will typically include an assessment of the structure, foundations, exterior walls and wall linings, roof, windows and doors, insulation, and ceilings.

Whether you are looking to purchase a property or preparing your property for sale, a pre-purchase or pre-sale Building Inspection will insure you are fully aware of what you are purchasing or selling. The last thing you want is to buy a home, only to find out that it has issues that may require fixing.

Leaky homes have been a significant issue in New Zealand – a Building Inspection will inform you of any water leaks or moisture issues.

A building inspection will typically cost around $500 for a 3-bedroom house. However there are many factors which impact the price.

Although the cost may seem high, it is actually quite small considering the value of a property that you are looking to buy. A small investment in a Building Inspection can save tens of thousands of dollars down the track.

There are hundreds of Building Inspectors in New Zealand. Often if you are going for an auction, you will have a tight deadline to get an inspection and receive the report. The process can be complex and time consuming … that is where Smart Home Buyers can help.

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